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Arab-Israeli Conflict

Our free, five-lesson curriculum on the Arab-Israeli conflict explores the history of the conflict and peace process. With an emphasis on primary sources, ICS’s resources

The Boston Massacre: You Be the Judge!

This lesson is focused on the Boston Massacre, and touches on Crispus Attucks’ being a martyr and first casualty of the American Revolution. It can

Teach Immigration History

The website “Immigration History” provides a comprehensive resource for exploring the diverse and multifaceted history of immigration to the United States. Through a variety of

Rosa Parks | Civil Rights Activist

After the Civil War and through the Civil Rights era of the 1950s, racial segregation laws made life for many African Americans extremely difficult. Rosa

Rosa Parks Free Unit Study

Rosa Parks was a brave woman who worked hard her whole life to promote civil rights. She is best known for not giving up her seat

Equity Timeline Elementary Lesson Plan

North Carolina’s commitment to providing an equal public education to all students within the state began in 1776, when it included the right to public

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