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Connect with other advocates in your community!

Multiply your impact by joining with others. Start by looking for groups in your community that may already be advocating on issues you care about. And join groups in this Southern Education Equity Network. 

See if there is an IDRA Education CAFE in your community. Education CAFEs are for families who want to support excellent public education in their neighborhood public schools, especially among families of color, economically disadvantaged, emergent bilinguals and under-serviced neighborhoods.

Our goal is to develop collective intergenerational family leadership from these groups.

IDRA Education CAFEs are designed to increase communication and collaboration when possible between parents/caregivers, communities, and their local school administrators and teachers. See below for information on how to start an Education CAFE in your community.


Education CAFEs and Other Community Groups

School Resource Hub

IDRA is creating a hub of resources for educators, families and policy advocates to support those who want to promote culturally-sustaining schools and fight harmful classroom censorship policies. While the site is in development, we are sharing resources here.

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Georgia Coalition Against Classroom Censorship

Members organizations include: American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, Deep Center, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), Public Education Matters Georgia, Southern Education Foundation, SPLC Action Fund

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Ban Book Bans

Advocates of all ages are fighting against book bans and threats to ensure students have access to diverse and inclusive books.

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Consider starting an Education CAFE in your community!

An Education CAFE is a family group rooted in a community-based organization, rather than in a single school. Its sole purpose is to collaborate with schools to improve the success of students in the community.

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How to Start an Education CAFE in 5 Steps

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Banned Books Week at IDRA

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