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Tools for teaching in a climate of classroom censorship

IDRA’s award-winning hub of resources is designed for educators, families and policy advocates, particularly in the U.S. South, who want to make sure students receive a strong, truthful education in our public schools.

Students need to learn about uncomfortable stories of this nation’s founding. Students need to make connections between this nation’s past and its present. Students need the expert guidance of their trained teachers to understand deep issues like systemic racism and sexism.

This hub by IDRA provides and curates lesson plans, instructional best practices, historical resources, policy updates and data maps to support educators and advocates who want to promote culturally-sustaining schools and fight harmful censorship policies.

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What's At Stake?

In state houses and hallways across the country, opponents of public education are pressing to censor teacher speech, limit what students can say and learn about racism and current events and attempt to whitewash history.

Armed with vague laws and their residual chilling effects, they aim to shut down free expression in schools. As a result, students stand to be completely unprepared to engage in thoughtful discussions of real-world issues and solutions.

But these forces will not prevail. Educators are committed to serving their students well. Our communities are committed to strengthening education, not watering it down or hiding from the truth. 

We are not guests in our public schools. Public schools belong to us. They belong to every student of every race, gender, language, income. They belong to every family and every community member. 

This hub and the whole Southern Education Equity Network (SEEN) website developed by IDRA exists for educators and advocates to support each other in making inclusive, culturally sustaining education a reality for all.

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