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SEEN Culturally Sustaining Schools Collaborative
  • Private Group
  • This group is dedicated to building culturally-sustaining schools across the South. Connect to find  information, share resources, and get support from advocates across the region. We support each other to defend against attacks on culturally-sustaining schools and to promote a positive vision for what culturally-sustaining schools can be across the South.
Fort Bend LULAC Education CAFÉ
  • Public Group
  • The Fort Bend LULAC Council 22426, started in 2021, is based in Rosenberg, Texas, and is sponsoring an Education CAFE focusing on the Lamar Consolidated ISD.
ALAS/WINGS – Arkansas United Education CAFE
  • Public Group
  • Alas/Wings es un programa de educación y salud mental para las familias inmigrantes. Alas/Wings is an education and mental health program for immigrant families.
School Resource Hub
  • Public Group
  • culturally sustaining practices, instruction, CRT, curriculum whitewashing, critical race theory, racial justice, #TeachtheTruth, classroom censorship, Georgia education, #HB 1084, lesson plans
  • IDRA is creating a hub of resources for educators, families and policy advocates to support those who want to promote culturally-sustaining schools and fight harmful classroom censorship policies. While the site is in development, we are sharing resources here.
Georgia Coalition Against Classroom Censorship
  • Private Group
  • instruction, CRT, curriculum whitewashing, anti-CRT, critical race theory, racial justice, #TeachtheTruth, classroom censorship
  • Members organizations include: American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia, Deep Center, Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA), Public Education Matters Georgia, Southern Education Foundation, SPLC Action Fund
Georgia Educators for Equity and Justice
  • Private Group
  • teachers, educators, School to deportation Pipeline, College Access, Georgia, school discipline, school-to-prison pipeline, police in schools, policing in schools, school resource officers, codes of conduct, dress codes, CROWN Act, corporal punishment, Culturally Sustaining Schools
  • GAEEJ is committed to achieving educational equity for all students throughout Georgia to bridge the achievement gap and end/dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline.
Ban Book Bans
  • Public Group
  • #librarians, censorship, LGBTQ, racism, CRT, diversity & inclusion, curriculum whitewashing, DEI, anti-CRT, culturally sustaining practices, critical race theory, culturally responsive practices, racial justice, instruction, #TeachtheTruth, school diversity, classroom censorship, Book bans, banning books, #FReadom, #txlege, #IntelluctualFreedom
  • Advocates of all ages are fighting against book bans and threats to ensure students have access to diverse and inclusive books.
Georgia Youth Justice Coalition
  • Private Group
  • Latinx Studies, student power, student voice, student advisory board, student leadership, Georgia, student engagement, African American Studies, Culturally Sustaining Schools, AAS, diversity & inclusion, Mexican American Studies, DEI, MAS, culturally sustaining practices, Ethnic Studies, culturally responsive practices, Cultural Studies, instruction, Civil Rights, school diversity, Social Justice, Native American Studies, American Indian Studies
  • Georgia Youth Justice Coalition is a collection of young organizers ages 14 through 23 across our state committed to justice, representation, and a Georgia for us all.
ARISE Adelante - Padres Activos
  • Private Group
  • English language learners, graduation, dual language, Digital equity, ELLs, broadband access, ELs, internet access, second language learners, school technology, family engagement, bilingual education, homework gap, Intergenerational, ESL, digital inclusion, parent involvement, English as a second language, School Funding, family involvement, biliteracy, School Finance, parent engagement, bilingual, School Budget, parent leadership, dual credit courses, funding in schools, parent advocacy, student tracking, fair funding, leadership, Curriculum access, influencing education policy & practice, academic Counseling, Texas, access to algebra, English learners, access to high level courses
  • ARISE Adelante is a community-based organization serving colonias (unicorporated communities) in the South Texas lower Rio Grande Valley. Four centers are partners in the IDRA Education CAFE network and carry out family leadership in education projects to improve their schools.
Deep Center
  • Private Group
  • AAS, Mexican American Studies, MAS, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, Georgia, Civil Rights, school discipline, Social Justice, school-to-prison pipeline, Native American Studies, police in schools, American Indian Studies, policing in schools, Latinx Studies, school resource officers, student power, codes of conduct, student voice, dress codes, student advisory board, CROWN Act, student leadership, corporal punishment, student engagement, African American Studies
  • Deep Center’s mission is to empower Savannah, Georgia’s young people to thrive as learners, community leaders, and agents of change. Through creative writing, cultural production, and art, Deep creates platforms for the city’s youth and the village of support around them, including their families and adult allies, to share stories, engage in debates, and make Savannah a more just and equitable place.

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