Discussion Questions

The Emmett Till Story

Emmett Till was a 14-year-old African-American boy from Chicago, Illinois who went to visit his family in Mississippi in 1955 before the start of a

Juneteenth: Freedom Day

For this lesson, students will read the picture book entitled Juneteenth: Our Day of Freedom. They will learn why the Juneteenth holiday is celebrated. Important

Guion Stewart Bluford Jr.

Explore the extraordinary achievements of Guion Stewart Bluford and other pioneering African American astronauts with this engaging lesson plan. Designed for educators seeking to inspire

What is Bias? What is Implicit Bias?

This lesson plan is designed to educate students about implicit bias, the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that influence our understanding, actions and decisions. Through engaging

Covering 9/11

Students will analyze and interpret the cover of the issue of The New Yorker magazine published immediately following 9/11. Students will consider different perspectives of covering

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Our free, five-lesson curriculum on the Arab-Israeli conflict explores the history of the conflict and peace process. With an emphasis on primary sources, ICS’s resources

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