Discussion Questions

Rosa Parks Free Unit Study

Rosa Parks was a brave woman who worked hard her whole life to promote civil rights. She is best known for not giving up her seat

Thurgood Marshall Makes a Difference

In this lesson, students will work in small groups to research Thurgood Marshall’s life and achievements, focusing on his influence on Civil Rights. They will

Lesson: Thanksgiving Mourning

Much of the Thanksgiving story focuses on a peaceful, cross-cultural exchange between the “Pilgrims and Indians.” While it is true that the Wampanoag and the

Equity Timeline Elementary Lesson Plan

North Carolina’s commitment to providing an equal public education to all students within the state began in 1776, when it included the right to public

The Geography of Racism: Housing Policy

The Geography of Racism: Housing Policy features a 12-minute video that shows students how racism has affected the built landscape and physical infrastructure of U.S.

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