Juneteenth: Freedom Day

For this lesson, students will read the picture book entitled Juneteenth: Our Day of Freedom. They will learn why the Juneteenth holiday is celebrated. Important

Covering 9/11

Students will analyze and interpret the cover of the issue of The New Yorker magazine published immediately following 9/11. Students will consider different perspectives of covering

Student Guide to January 6

This comprehensive lesson plan from PBS NewsHour Classroom offers educators a robust framework to teach students about the January 6 hearings. The guide includes detailed

Ada Lovelace Lesson Plan

The lesson plan provided on the Six Red Marbles website offers educators a comprehensive guide to integrating the story and achievements of Ada Lovelace into

Gail Borden facts for kids

This teaching tool biography explores the life of Gail Borden, a U.S. inventor who revolutionized food preservation with his invention of condensed milk. Born in

Teach Immigration History

The website “Immigration History” provides a comprehensive resource for exploring the diverse and multifaceted history of immigration to the United States. Through a variety of

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