Lesson Plan: Explore How the Election Denial Movement Threatens Democracy

This lesson plan delves into the growing election denial movement and its implications for democracy in the United States. Through engaging activities and discussions, students will explore the understanding of the election denial movement, its impact on public trust in the electoral process and democratic institutions, and the potential consequences for democracy, including the erosion of democratic norms, polarization, and the weakening of electoral integrity. The lesson also examines media coverage and messaging surrounding election denial, identifying misinformation and disinformation tactics used to undermine confidence in election results. Additionally, students will be encouraged to critically analyze media literacy, promote civic engagement, and explore ways to combat election denial and uphold democratic values. By examining the election denial movement and its impact on democracy, students will develop a deeper understanding of the challenges facing U.S. democracy and the importance of defending democratic principles in the face of misinformation and political polarization.

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