Hold community meetings

Bringing people together.

Large community meetings are most effective ways to bring people together to discuss issues of common concern when they are designed to include small group conversations that lead to action steps.

A good example is a regional roundtable, such as the mesa comunitarias held in south Texas.

Community Roundtable

mesa comunitaria

Hosting Community Dialogues

A related type of dialogue event in your community can be specifically designed to hold dialogs across racial groups and sectors to cultivate organizational change in schools. See our guide: Creating Your Education Blueprint for Action.

Host a Virtual Town Hall

A huge part of advocacy is gathering people together to rally around an issue or cause. Town halls are a great idea to talk about a problem and get public support and other people’s opinions. Usually, these are held in person, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting in large spaces to discuss these community issues has become challenging. But with online tools, we can hold these town hall meetings virtually. See our infographic: How to Hold a Virtual Town Hall.

How to Start an Education CAFÉ in 5 Steps

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