March for Education on the Texas Capitol

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We are witnessing a far-right, fascist attack on our educational freedom across the country, and especially in Texas, that is unprecedented in its ferocity and magnitude. From huge surges in book banning to bills designed to stifle the teaching of history and destroy civic engagement in schools, we are facing an aggressive attempt to stop the conversations that matter most to an inclusive, just United States. The magnitude of bans on books should be a cause of outcry and alarm. The books that schools are pulling from their shelves deal with important issues such as LGBTQ+ identity, anti-racism, feminism, and history. This is censorship, plain and simple, and the impacts will be devastating for our students who deserve access to information, not propaganda and fearmongering from people who are invested in preserving the status quo of inequality and oppression. Let’s be clear: our educational rights hang in the balance, and we must fight for them now more than ever.

Here’s the good news: we can do something about this. Now is the time to stand up for our right to a full, accurate, and inclusive education and make it clear to our legislators and our schools across Texas that we will not be complacent in the face of attempts to place a gag on our educational freedom. Join Voters of Tomorrow Texas at the Texas Capitol on March 12, 2022 to protest the banning of books from schools across Texas! Hear from distinguished speakers on the dangers of this attack on our education, register to vote, and pick up your very own free banned book (while supplies last)!

The March for Education will take place from 10 AM to noon on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol in Austin, TX on March 12. Information on parking will be sent via email to all who register for the event.

Want to keep fighting for our educational rights? Check out and follow us on social media (@vottexas and @voterstomorrow) to keep updated on our efforts to distribute banned books in schools in Texas and Virginia and donate to our Teach Real History Fund at this link!

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