AIM Framework for Teaching Intercultural Skills – IDRA Classnotes Podcast Episode 230

America is Me (AIM) is a framework that provides educators with curricular resources to promote students’ understanding of equity issues central to the development of U.S. history and contemporary society. These skills are transferable across academic content areas. In this episode, Christie Goodman, APR, talks with the developers of the framework, Dr. Marlon C. James and Dr. Kelly N. Ferguson of Equality and Equity Group, LLC. They describe the framework’s origins and purpose and how teachers of all grades and content areas can integrate it into the standards they are focusing on. Dr. James and Dr. Ferguson designed a set of original classroom lessons that are featured on IDRA’s School Resource Hub – We All Belong. Christie Goodman, APR, is IDRA’s director of communications and worked with a team to launch this free classroom resource.

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