A Touch of Hope: How Everyday Teachers Can Make Anything Possible Through Equity Pedagogy – Convening Keynote

In these most challenging times, educators face an attack of unprecedented scope and seriousness. This campaign has accelerated teacher attrition and coalesced into collective angst among teachers. Yet at this moment, we must find a type of communal hope that reaffirms our will to fight for equity and justice in education. Like teachers, our students face an unprecedented set of circumstances that recent research has linked to growing trends in negative thinking, depression and attempted suicide among students across the country. Dr. James details how these matters are linked to inequity in schools, and how hopeful educators must summon the collective will to stand for children once again. He weaves research and storytelling to encourage educators to rekindle their hopes and press on for equity in U.S. schools. This session is led by Marlon James, Ph.D., assistant professor Texas A&M University, President, Equality and Equity Group.

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